Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Meltdown

Well, it's Valentine's Day, which means one thing: absolutely nothing. Moving on.
It's been raining for a few days, which means most of the snow has turned into Southeast Alaska's main winter export: slush. There's also a fair amount of ice.
In most places in the world, people would whine and moan and refuse to go outside until the sun comes out. Not here. While there may be a few passing groans about the knee high slush, most people just do what they always do: put on the xtra tuffs and plow right on through. Through feet of snow, forty mph winds, flooding rivers and subzero temperatures, we Alaskans are determined to do exactly what we want to do. Which is why, this Saturday, hundreds braved what the meteorologists were calling a "perfect storm" to show up at the convention center and cheer on their favorite homemade "wearable art"- all the while laughing at emcee and local personality Collette Costa's anti-republican jokes. This is our idea of a good time. That's the thing about Alaskans: we're a little odd, and we're proud of it.

39F, Overcast with light rain

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